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Something called "Friendship"

It’s something to work for
Something to nourish and adore
Something that needs two hearts or more
Something everyone wish to have
Something you can hold on to and be glad.

During difficult times
It’s not something you can buy in store
But something you always wanted to restore
It’s something free, something priceless
Something you’ll fight for before anything else.

It’s something to treasure forever
Something won’t make you say never
Something to be just you
Something not to conceal and be true
It’s something to comfort when you’re blue.

It’s a special bond despite differences
Something shared by all races
It’s something called “friendship” a gift from above
Once you have this you knew you’re blessed
It’s something far from being distressed.

Just said and Done

When all was said than done
You can never take it back
Can never be undone.

Tongue sharply made life a knife
Can melt a heart
Though sometimes end a life.

Mind full of thoughts
A heart full of desires
While just kept can never be inspire.

Nice words better left unspoken
If cannot put in deed
And just let someone heartbroken.

Thoughtful mind, good intentions
All good things are meaningless
When all was just said than done.