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New Year...New Beginning

Have you ever felt like you’re floating in the air? Like you felt like there’s nowhere to go and you think about so many things endlessly that you would only feel so frustrated in the end because you end up thinking all the worst. That’s what happened to me a month ago…been shocked with the sudden turned of events in my life. So, what I’m afraid of already happened…so suddenly…so fast! I know I should have been prepared for it coz I saw it’s really coming. But I guess when you hold things back because you’ve been so attached to it, no matter how prepared you are…you will still feel frustrated and sad when it’s really time to let go. So I guess there is really no preparing for letting go of things because emotions can be unpredictable most of the time…when it flows, it flows! It’s just a matter of how we accept things…and for me, I just thought about it that maybe, it’s really time for a CHANGE!

One morning, I woke up not hurrying for work anymore and there’s no report that I have…