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To let go is to release…
Of what makes you less
Of what’s not essential
Of what makes you crucial
Of what makes you impatient
Of what makes you imprudent
Of what makes you weary
Of what makes you angry.

To let go is to forgive…
Of whom we don’t believe
Of whom we fight
Of whom who misjudged
Of whom we hated
Of whom we don’t wanted
Of whom we hurt
Of whom that hurt us.

To let go is to accept…
When it’s time to precept
When it’s time to repair
When it’s time to prepare
When it’s time to eradicate
When it’s time to cultivate
When it’s time to change
When it’s time to move on.

To let go is not necessarily to say goodbye
But to sing for a new lullaby
To kiss away the hoary unnecessary things
And embrace the new and more vital gears
To let go of all the baggage in our heart
So we can begin a lighter start
To have a joyful journey through the road of eternity
To grow in God’s word and abide in Him faithfully.

By: BAM 2/19/15