God and His Purpose

Romans 8:28
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

There’s an all-time saying: “Everything has a purpose”. I guess I heard this over a thousand times from different people. Person who try to console someone after a tragedy. Someone who try to convince a friend that there’s someone better to come after he gets dumped. Or someone who try to cheer himself up by saying, I know God has a reason for this and I should not give up. I wish I could really understand what they’re trying to say because I was in the darkest spot and my life was so miserable. I was in the dark as early as I haven’t passed through my innocence stage, when I’m supposed to play and carefree, when I’m supposed not to carry any burden and just play hide and seek. When my supposed to be problem as a child is how to convince my mother to buy me a new dress or shoes. To cry over a spilled milk or an ice cream vendor that I’ve overlo…


To let go is to release…
Of what makes you less
Of what’s not essential
Of what makes you crucial
Of what makes you impatient
Of what makes you imprudent
Of what makes you weary
Of what makes you angry.

To let go is to forgive…
Of whom we don’t believe
Of whom we fight
Of whom who misjudged
Of whom we hated
Of whom we don’t wanted
Of whom we hurt
Of whom that hurt us.

To let go is to accept…
When it’s time to precept
When it’s time to repair
When it’s time to prepare
When it’s time to eradicate
When it’s time to cultivate
When it’s time to change
When it’s time to move on.

To let go is not necessarily to say goodbye
But to sing for a new lullaby
To kiss away the hoary unnecessary things
And embrace the new and more vital gears
To let go of all the baggage in our heart
So we can begin a lighter start
To have a joyful journey through the road of eternity
To grow in God’s word and abide in Him faithfully.

By: BAM 2/19/15

On the right track with God

1 Thessalonians 5:16 – 18
Rejoice always, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
“But how can you rejoice if you’re in the middle of a traffic and nonstop cussing in your mind because you’ll be late for work and have to hurried up to meet a deadline? How can you give thanks when couple of months after you graduated, you still haven’t landed on the job you always wanted?”
Most of the time, our first reaction is to ask: “Why Lord? Why do you allow this to happen?”

September 4, 2008, after months of battling on so many considerations and discerning God’s plan in my life, I have finally made a decision. With only 1,500 in my pocket, a bag of clothes that is lighter than the baggage in my heart, a shoulder bag that I borrowed from a friend, a journal, a PDL book (Purpose Driven Life) and tons of courage and faith with the Lord, I finally went to the City of Smiles to start a new Journey. At first I was scared although it’…

Something called "Friendship"

It’s something to work for
Something to nourish and adore
Something that needs two hearts or more
Something everyone wish to have
Something you can hold on to and be glad.

During difficult times
It’s not something you can buy in store
But something you always wanted to restore
It’s something free, something priceless
Something you’ll fight for before anything else.

It’s something to treasure forever
Something won’t make you say never
Something to be just you
Something not to conceal and be true
It’s something to comfort when you’re blue.

It’s a special bond despite differences
Something shared by all races
It’s something called “friendship” a gift from above
Once you have this you knew you’re blessed
It’s something far from being distressed.

Just said and Done

When all was said than done
You can never take it back
Can never be undone.

Tongue sharply made life a knife
Can melt a heart
Though sometimes end a life.

Mind full of thoughts
A heart full of desires
While just kept can never be inspire.

Nice words better left unspoken
If cannot put in deed
And just let someone heartbroken.

Thoughtful mind, good intentions
All good things are meaningless
When all was just said than done.

This is Me...

I am reposting my very first blog, written 3 years ago. I wonder what have been change...well I guess none except for some craziness that had happened. LOL! Well this is still me..

I like quotes… I love poems... I even wrote some with or without inspiration… I used to write about my feelings… even before I’ve learned texting and write emails…I write about anything to unload my burden or even cry sometimes coz it’s the easiest way to release everything in me…and to escape from the real world…! Sounds like crazy but that’s what I am… I even love to listen to sob stories, read romantic novels, watch romantic movies & imagine myself as the lead character…hahaha….I’m a hopeless romantic… writing is my passion even though I’m not sure if I really know how to write… I don’t have the confidence I must admit it….I love long talks though I’m silent most of the time…I like talking about life and it’s purpose. I guess it’s my obsession, finding the purpose of my existence in this world. I us…

Better Than Yesterday

As I open my eyes today
I realized I have to stay away
Sleepless nights should go
Crying moments no more
Just one thing I wish for
That from this day and the coming days
Would be better than Yesterday...

Here's another fave song of mine...It's really a cool song...