Thank God I'm working again!

So, yesterday was my first day of work in my new job. Well actually the job is not new to me coz I am still working in an Internet shop...haha! But I still say it's new coz it's a new shop, new environment, new customers and a new BOSS!

I am really very thankful that I'm working again. After contemplating for couple of months on what to do, I have decided to stay near my family and rejected my old boss's offer to be assign in Bacolod office. It's been hard for me to choose because it's like I'm choosing between my family and my future. I know I lost another opportunity but I really can't bear to leave my family for so many reasons.

This new job is a blessing in disguise because it gave me more reason not to leave. I am very very thankful to God and to my friends who supported my decision and helping me during my hardest times. So now people, I am back on track again!!! God Bless everyone!


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