Overcoming Love

Just a thought:

“If the HEART is the only broken thing that still works, then LOVE is the feeling a person can’t live without.”

It sounds like odd to me coz I used to deny love in my life. But now I have no idea what comes into me that I’ve thought of that quote. My life has been full of struggles and pain that made me become bitter and cautious, insensitive and impatient. I have promised myself not to let somebody hurt me, that’s why I’m not giving a single chance in any form of love that will attempt to knock in my wary heart. I used to laugh at my friends when they come and cry because of those stupid guys they have love. I just don’t understand why despite of all the protest, infidelity and all those things that have caused their heartaches they still end up being with the guy. Well call me naïve but maybe it’s because I don’t feel the way they do.

Not until I’ve discovered myself in a situation almost as the same of my friends before. I used to believe no one can ever make me feel so damn stupid and caused me so much heartache. Again, there’s something I don’t fully understand. Why do I have to feel that way? Now I realized what could be my friends feeling when I just shrugged off and laugh and sometimes even scold them when they whine about the man they love.

I’ve known for a fact that love is the most powerful feelings in the world, and that’s exactly the very reason why I avoided it too much because I know it could break if not make a person. But love has a way of overcoming a person that comes unexpectedly. You can’t say that; “Wait love, I’m still not ready for you.” Love could lead you into stupidity that you’ve never imagine you can become. All things are possible with love, that’s why we are here in the world because GOD loves us so much.

So maybe I should be less paranoid with everything that’s happening in the world. I should think that taking risk sometimes results succession. I will avoid thinking that love is an enemy rather it’s a feeling that I should nourish in my heart for without love, I am nothing and everything I do for my family are useless if I don’t recognize love in my heart. It’s time to live with a better heart and not bitter.


Nang Bels,
i want to share this with you from Paulo Coelho's book... "It is necessary to run risks,We only properly understand the miracle of life when we allow the unexpected to happen."(By the River Piedra I sat dowm and Wept)
stressmind said…
Thanks a lot nems... Very interesting quotes. So i think I should try bunjee jumping next time? hahaha!

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