The Art of Letting Go

Sometimes we tend to hold on to what’s impossible…trying to rewrite an old story that’s already become a legend, hoping that we can change the ending. Sometimes life is like a book, you can make your own ending but you can never make another chapter after its END.

I’d like to share this video for people out there. I know most of you can relate to this…

Comments said…
*sighs... The art of letting go!!! Nang, i can really relate to this video... sometimes i do laugh at those times when i was so stupid and pathetic!!! as what they've said "there's always sunshine after the rain." let's hope for that!!!

i'll be thinking of you... hope you'll meet yours soon... and i'm hoping for mine too! God bless you Nang Bels!
stressmind said…
I know you can really relate to it nems! haha! You can really be stupid and pathetic when it comes to's normal nems. I am glad you have move on because you can laugh at yourself when you remember those times...I admire you for being strong!

So I guess it's time for you to come out from your comfort zone again...enough na nga palumot sa banga nehma! haha! I hope you'll find your Mr. Right this time....:)

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