Filling the Void

“You feel that way because that person is the one who’s filling the void.”

I was stunned, I stop crying for a while. Maybe my friend was right. Another change is happening and I don’t know how to react…she said it’s understandable, it’s normal. I feel sad, I felt terrible. One thing I realized, I’m scared to be alone again.

People’s life is filled of unending void. No matter what we do, there will still be something to fill, something to change. Sometimes we cling on something or someone that fills the void in our life. Doesn’t matter if it’s the right thing or the right person, what matter is: “They fill the void.” But what will you do if the one who fills the void is consuming so much of your space that you can’t breathe anymore?

I realized that life is not only about filling the void. What still matters most is what we really want to do with our life and what makes us truly happy. Not because they fill the void means they’re the one for us. Sometimes the one who fill the void is not the one who makes us happy. We only thought it is because it’s the only thing around and we seem to be contented with that. Just like an old habit, it’s hard to die down. So now I know I have to go on with my life. Doesn’t matter if no one fill the voids in my life anymore.

Anyway life is all about changes and unchained voids. I’m so used of feeling empty in my whole struggled life and not just one change could let me down. There’s so much I wanted to do…never mind the void!


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