Long Dream

Finally I have awaken
That long dream I had mistaken
Someone was there for me from nowhere
Promise a love that seems forever.

Finally I have awaken
I’ve dream too much I was fascinated
Someone made me believe made me fall
Fallen too deep yet the chance was small.

Finally I have awaken
Made me believe then I was forsaken
I have been fooled just been a toy
My heart is in pain fully destroyed.

Finally my eyes have opened
That dream seems so real it was deceiving
Perhaps I’ve found the one that worth loving
Such an innocent fool I’ve come believing.

Finally my long dream was over
Surely will take me so long to recover
Indeed not a wonderful dream but a nightmare
Drives me insane and put my heart to a vast scare.


Zile Kondic said…
Wow again, I am touched...when I write poetry, which I do in my deepest depression, dreams are a very strong motif. Even though 80% of my dreams are nonsense, I dream very beautiful, and happy dreams, and that kinda heals me from the pessimism around me.
stressmind said…
hey dude! it gives me a real high to know that someone like my work...I feel so touched by your compliments. thanks! As you have notice, most of my works have shades of depression. I can't understand why I can't write happy thoughts. But I'll try next time, knowing that someone appreciates my work. :)

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