Why men cheat?

“One a cheater, always a cheater!” Do you believe in this? Well this was the subject of our discussion when I was out the other night with my friends. That was fun and healthy argument regarding a man’s infidelity. I find it amusing talking about it with guys around. Of course it is expected that they will defend themselves. But why does a man cheat? Who’s really at fault? Who’s to be blame when a man looks for another woman even if they’re already married or have a girlfriend?

I guess there is no man who admits their mistakes without making excuses…and worst, sometimes it is the woman they’re blaming why they cheat! Its bullshit really! That makes a man really stupid! Why would they put the blame to women when it’s them who made a mistake? There are so many alibis they will make just to justify their foolishness. They will say that women nag all the time. Well I guess a woman won’t nag if there’s no reason to nag for…another issue is lack of time. But who’s out of the house most of the time anyway? Isn’t it the man? Well there are women, who works but the couple can make proper arrangement with that and besides, sometimes the reason why women work is because some men can’t provide well to the family. Another reason that men cheat and I think is the most stupid is this: “They are men and it is just natural for them to look for another woman.” This is really unfair! This reason should be erased!

Men and women are born equal and I guess it should be apply in everything. But I’m not saying that it’s also okay if a woman will cheat too…of course it should not be. The point here is: “One person should not look for another or should not have another relationship if they’re already committed to someone.” They should consider “commitment” as a sacred thing. I think most men don’t value that word and most of them don’t know what “true love” means. Men are insensitive and only think of themselves most of the time. They only want to satisfy themselves and lust is always the first thing in their mind instead of love. They only see women as their toy and slave that they can just dump anytime they want. Well I guess if they are not satisfied with their partners anymore…at least have a heart to tell them so that they won’t look like a fool that still believing that they’re being love when the fact is they’re already being cheated! That’s so sad…

First and for all, if you truly love someone, the last thing you want to do is hurt that person. You only think of giving all the best for that person. You always want to make that person happy…willing to sacrifice everything. You do everything…you are being sensitive in everything that concerns that person. That’s what true love is…and I guess “men” are too dumb and cruel to realize that!


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